Norton by Symantec is one of the most popular brands in PC security. The Norton's AntiVirus is the core security software that offers necessary protection against viruses and spyware for home and business users. It updates on its own every 5 to 15 minutes and involves an inventive scanner that efficiently checks a PC for threats in very little time.

Norton Security is created essentially to protect home and business users from malware and other threats. Norton’s Protection System stars various levels of malware defense, along with web browser protection for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, an Intrusion Prevention Tool, Antibot protection to block the malicious conquest, and a system recovery feature for invalidating any harm from infections that do slide through Norton’s protection.

Norton Security reigns being the leader of digital security. It ensures top security and acts as a tough shield for every organization. Norton, developed Symantec is one of the most preferred brands for computer security. The Norton antivirus is the core security software that offers necessary protection against viruses and spyware for home and business users. It automatically updates in every 5 to 15 minutes and involves an inventive scanner that efficiently checks your system for threats in very less time.

What is Norton Antivirus?

We are all aware of cyber threats such as viruses and malware. Norton antivirus is richly featured software that can deal with all the security hardships. Norton Antivirus program is downloaded by the user on their system, with the aim to protect their device from virus infiltration and infection. Norton Antivirus achieves this object in three ways. They are as follows:

  • It identifies viruses on your PC.
  • It removes it from the device safely.
  • It clears up any damage to the system that the virus may have caused.

Also, Norton security program block dangerous websites and offer real-time protection. It means that the Norton Antivirus blocks sites and pages that were made with the intention of delivering viruses and the websites which may have been infected with a virus. Norton antivirus software keeps running in the backdrop of your system so that it can detect even a tiny virus attempt to infect the computer. Norton Antivirus steps in and protects the computer.

Features of Norton Security

  • One stop solution for protection of all web-enabled devices.
  • Provides robust protection against spyware, viruses, adware, worms, malware, and other infections and online attacks.
  • Maintains the user’s privacy, irrespective of which device they are using.
  • Blocks suspected and unsafe websites and downloads.
  • Allows the users to switch protection from one device to another.
  • Allows the users to add more protection as and when they get more devices.
  • Easily finds stolen or lost mobiles and tabs.
  • It has parental control which allows the kids to freely enjoy the Internet while ensuring the safety.
  • It has a 100% guarantee: Norton will keep your computer free from virus or provide a full refund.

How does Norton Antivirus do its work?

Norton Antivirus keeps a steady eye on your device by strictly observing it and periodically scanning it to discover any hidden malware. In addition to that, you can browse the internet securely without having to agonize about installing any data which carries malicious code.

The complete security offered by Norton actively obstructs all the dubious websites. Norton also assures that cybercriminals and assaulters are kept at bay by improving safety. The adequate cyber threat protection given by Norton keeps you updated and ahead of all the potential threats.

Real-time Scanning

Even though all security programs are specially created to detect the presence of viruses, not all of them conduct the detection in the same manner. Weak antivirus programs compel the users to execute a manual scan to discover if any system has been compromised, whereas the best kinds of antivirus have powerful scanning tools that are regularly inspecting the PC for the presence of malicious stuff.

Without real-time automated scanning, it is very accessible for an infection to enter the system and start creating damage before the user even realizes it. For this reason, Norton antivirus has real-time scanning. This scanning feature is very robust and makes sure that the device is safe and protected at all times.


This is the second method in which Norton antivirus detects malicious files is a kind of analysis named as heuristics. An option to database scan, heuristic analysis lets Norton antivirus program to identify perils that were not previously known.

Heuristics recognizes viruses by behaviours and characteristics, rather than matching against a list of known malware.

For instance, if an app is coded to eliminate essential system data, the Norton antivirus program may flag it as a virus (because apps should not be doing this behaviour).


Another method which Norton Antivirus software can detect viruses is by running an application it speculates to be harmful in a sandbox, which is a safe space on the PC.

The app thinks it has complete access to the PC when, in reality, it is running in a confined space while the Norton Antivirus observes its behaviour.

Protection For Multiple Apps

Infections and dangers subsist across the whole spectrum of applications and services that users depend on for their daily tasks.

From email clients to social media platforms and surely web browsers, damaging stuff can slip into the computer via a number of diverse sources.

Security applications have to guard numerous susceptible applications against possible perils; or else the users are leaving their device perilously bare.

Norton antivirus ensures that the complete set of hardware and software is protected.

How to Buy Norton Products.

Norton manufactures and sells a number of security products. Users can choose the Norton product according to their requirements. Norton products can be purchased online and offline.

Online Medium

  • To buy the Norton product online, go to
  • Pick a product you want and click on purchase.
  • Complete the purchase by entering your details and making the payment.
  • After the purchase is successful, Norton will send an email containing the product key for the purchased product.
  • Keep the key safe because it will be required at the time of Norton account sign in and Norton product activation.

Offline Medium

  • Go to a Norton retail store
  • Select a Norton product and buy it.
  • A CD and a product key will be provided. The key will activate the Norton setup.

Norton Software Live and Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates

Updates are necessary for all kinds of applications, but this is particularly valid when talking about security programs. As new kinds of malicious software are continually being created, security programs require periodic updates in order to hunt and include fresh threats that were not present when the software was installed initially. If the antivirus program does not have automated updates feature, then the users are required to install the updates manually.

The downside of this is that sometimes the users may fail or forget to update and then their devices will get vulnerable to infections. Norton antivirus conducts regular updates, so the user does not have to spend time in finding updates and then installing them. Always remain up to date with security with Norton.